Tender for Patent Helpdesk

Subject: Tender for Patent Helpdesk
From: Emanuella Giavarra (ecup.secr@dial.pipex.com)
Date: pe 16 tammi  1998 - 15:58:07 EET

Dear list members,

Today DGXIII published an open call for tender for the implementation of
a Patent Helpdesk, as suggested under the Innovation Action Plan.

The call is expected to result in the creation of a team of multilingual
patent experts and informatics specialists which will operate the
Helpdesk under the guidance of DGXIII/D-1 of the European Commission.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Manfred Schmiemann
European Commission
EUFO 2165
L-2920 Luxembourg
fax: +352-4301-32073

Kind regards,
Emanuella Giavarra

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