Producers fear draft Copyright Directive will encourage piracy

Subject: Producers fear draft Copyright Directive will encourage piracy
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: pe 19 joulu† 1997 - 03:28:44 EET

Dear list members,

Agence Europe reported yesterday that the European federation of
audiovisual producers (FERA) fears that the Copyright Directive, as
proposed by the European Commission, will encourage piracy of European
works in the furture information society. FERA welcomes the approval by
the European Commission of its proposal last week. Nonetheless, it
considers that the pressure exerted by network operators and
telecommunications companies have considerably weakened the proposal,
endangering the future success of the information society. It regrests
that the last minute changes did not make it possible to guarantee that
authors have the safety required for making their works available on

According to FERA, the draft Directive clumsily tackles the question of
the responsibility of intermediaries on the networks with regards to
temporary copies, while providing for the question of responsibility to
be dealt with in a separate directive. In addition, the text stipulates
there will only be penalties against apparata that neutralise the
protection systems for managing works. In its present form, the text
does not effectively allow piracy to be countered.

FERA calls on the Council and Parliament to strengten the proposal in
the interest of rapid and harmonious development of the information

Kind regards,
Emanuella Giavarra

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