New issue of JILT now available

Subject: New issue of JILT now available
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Date: pe 07 marras 1997 - 13:50:42 EET

JILT 1997(3) Goes OnLine!


It contains a diversity of topics and includes 6 refereed articles and
over 36 other pieces including commentaries, case notes, IT reviews,
book reviews, conference reports, work in progress and information papers.

The highlight of this issue is:

A Special Feature on

Communications Regulation -
New Patterns and Problems.

The feature is a prototype for a new International Journal of
Communications Policy and Regulation (ICPR).

There are six refereed articles. Four on the special feature:

Copyright Liability of Communications Carriers, by F.MacMillan et al

Regulating the Media Revolution: In Search of the Public Interest, by
M. Feintuck.

>From 'Pluralism' to 'Ownership': Europe's emergent policy on Media
Concentrations Navigates the Doldrums, by G. Doyle

The European Digital Convergence Paradigm, by C. Marsden

Other refereed articles:

Caveat Vendor? A review of the Court of Appeal decision in St Albans
City and District Council v International Computers Limited, by
A. White

Notes on a Critical and Skeptical Overview of Electronic Publishing
and Librarianship from the United States, by J. Buschman

The special feature also includes

A Resourcebank of Web sites related to Communications Regulation
Book Reviews:
Convergence: Integrating Media, Information and Communication
The Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law Telecommunications
Law Handbook
The challenge facing data protection regulation
Work In Progress:
Convergence or Coexistence? Television and Telecommunications
Policies Diverge in the Convergence Debate
The Proceduralization of Telecommunications Law: Adapting to
Information Papers:
Communications Regulation: The Role of the ITU

Also in this issue:

Case Note:
Communications Decency Act - The Supreme Court ruling in the case of
Reno v. ACLU

Computers and Judges - by the Appeal Court judge Sir Henry Brooke
The Year 2000 problem and data protection - by C. Pounder
The AustLII paradigm, - by L. West-Knights
Legal Deposit of non-print publications - by Prof. C. Oppenheim
The Virtual law Library - by T. Fitchett
The regulation of virus research - by A. Kelman

Books reviewed:
Digital Crime: Policing the Cybernation
Directory of Law-related CD-ROMS
Digital Literacy
Crime, Deviance and the Computer
Net Law: How Lawyers Use the Internet
Future Codes: Essays in Advanced Computer Technology and the Law. The
Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher Intellectual property in
Europe - First Supplement.

Work In Progress:
Dealing with Stalkerazzi - by A. Kelman
Centralised European Union Convention Causebook Judgment Registry
Database - by T Egan

Information Papers:
Celex : Improving Access to Community Legislation - by N Nunn-Price

IT reviews include European Law CD-Rom, Riots and Rebellions,
The Dax Cowart Case and a Lecturers Review of the Scots Law Courseware

Conferences covered are
BIALL, Law via the Internet, LIBER, SPTL and ALTA.

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