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Subject: Re: Expressions of Folklore
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Date: ma 15 syys   1997 - 15:30:23 EEST

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>Dear list members,
>At the WIPO Permanent Committee of 10 September 1997 it was announced
>that WIPO is looking into the possibility of establishing a sui generis
>right for the protection of expressions of folklore.
>In April 1997 WIPO and UNESCO organised a worldwide Forum on Folklore to
>discuss the legal means of protection of folklore in national law,
>economic exploitation of these rights and international protection.
>A WIPO Committee of Experts has been established and a Committee meeting
>will be held in September/October 1997.
>It was stressed that in a digital context expressions of folklore can be
>used more easily and needs therefore appropriate protection.

When everything will be OVERprotected we will be obliged to pay to dance,
listen to music, read books : how will we get fun ?
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