US Legal protection of databases

Subject: US Legal protection of databases
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I note that the U.S. Copyright Office has made two recent reports
available on its web site. The reports are:

  - Report on Legal Protection for Databases (August 1997); and

  - A Review of the Copyright Licensing Regimes Covering
     Retransmission of Broadcast Signals (August 1997).

The first report discusses possible legal protection for databases,

    gives an overview of the past and present domestic and
    international legal framework for database protection. It
    describes database industry practices in securing protection
    against unauthorized use, and Copyright Office registration
    practices relating to databases. Finally, it discusses issues
    raised and concerns expressed in a series of Copyright Office
    meetings with representatives of a wide range of interested
    parties. The report does not make recommendations on either the
    advisability or the form of any database protection legislation;
    rather, it presents the issues to be addressed and some options
    for dealing with specific concerns.

The second report discusses:

    a review of the copyright licensing regimes governing the
    retransmission of over-the-air radio and television broadcast
    signals by cable systems, satellite carriers, and other
    multichannel video providers. The specific issues addressed in
    this review include whether the compulsory licenses should
    continue to exist , whether harmonization of the satellite and
    cable compulsory licenses is possible and desirable, whether the
    satellite compulsory license should be extended, whether to
    extend either of those licenses to new technologies such as open
    video systems and the Internet, whether the satellite carrier
    compulsory license should encompass the local retransmission of
    broadcast signals, how to solve the disputes surrounding the
    "unserved household" restriction for the retransmission of network
    television stations that is currently a part of the satellite
    compulsory license, and whether the satellite compulsory licensing
    regime should make a special provision for the retransmission of a
    national satellite feed of the Public Broadcasting Service with a
    separate royalty rate for such a signal.

The URL for both reports is

The reports are available both in Adobe PDF format and WordPerfect
format. I understand that they will also be available in HTML in a
week or so.

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