Publisher & Copyright questions

Subject: Publisher & Copyright questions
From: Judy Louff (jlaughs@AOL.COM)
Date: ti 03 kesä   1997 - 01:47:53 EEST

I work in the Theatre Arts Dept. at Santa Monica College (CA). We are
working on doing a musical adaptation of the play, Uncle Vanya by Anton
Chekhov. I have been trying to find information re. if we must obtain
the rights to proceed with this project or if this material is in the
public domain. We are translating directly from the Russian version of
this play. So far, the only lead I've obtained is a one sentence
reference to Chekhov selling the rights to his plays (sometime in the
late 1800s) to a St. Petersburg publisher, A. F. Marks. I have not been
able to locate any information about this publisher. I have not been
able to find any government agency that might handle this type of
situation (International copywrights?).

I don't know if you can help me but, I don't know where else to look at
this point.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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