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From: Prof Bruce Royan (b.royan@stir.ac.uk)
Date: la 26 huhti  1997 - 18:37:08 EEST

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Subject: New Visiting Professor
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Napier University (Edinburgh, Scotland) has conferred on Bruce Royan the
title of Visiting Professor in the Department of Print Media, Publishing
and Communication.

Formerly Director of Information Services and University Librarian at the
University of Stirling, Bruce is Chief Executive of the Scottish Cultural
Resources Access Network (SCRAN). SCRAN is a Millennium Project to build
a major World Wide Web service, providing access to digitised images,
movies and sound clips for the study of human history and cultural

Bruce also chairs the Project Board of SCOPE, the Scottish Collaborative
On-demand Publishing Enterprise.

As Visiting Professor at Napier, Bruce will support the Department in its
researches into the evolving Information Society.

Napier University:

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