Re: Copyright and authors right

Subject: Re: Copyright and authors right
From: Heikki Poroila (
Date: ke 16 huhti  1997 - 09:58:05 EEST

Angelique Mattioli wrote:

 People talks a lot about copyright and authors rights. I use to
 write a lot for professionnal journals... How will I get paid ?
 Were are my copyrights going ?

Dear Angelique,

owning copyright does not necessarily mean that you get paid for what
you have done! It depends on what kind of agreement you have with your
publisher. It is very usual, I think, that professional journals do not
pay anything at all, all you get is some publicity and small scale fame.

Your copyright on these articles has not gone anywhere. You have the
exclusive right to decide, whether they can be used again etc. You may
try to sell your articles to another journal etc. Nobody else has the
right to use your articles, unless you have given the permission. That
is the core of your copyright. It is basically immaterial right. Money
comes in only if someone else is willing to pay for your work. There is
not any automatical mechanism!

Best wishes

Heikki Poroila
Music Librarian
Vantaa City Library, Finland

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