Re: My right to link real audio sites to my Net-music-chart

Subject: Re: My right to link real audio sites to my Net-music-chart
From: Edward Barrow (
Date: su 02 maalis 1997 - 02:08:51 EET

Johan Sderlund wrote on 28th February:
 I'm putting together a music chart on the Net with links to real-audio
 sites (mostly record company-sites). The idea is to create a sounding
 chart with real audio streaming, frequently updated. As it is now you
 to search for the music on different sites which takes a lot of time.

 A friend of mine had the opinion that I should ask the instigator of
 source before I make the links to the"real audio"-sites. What do you
 Is there any way to make it right? Is there any unwritten policy?

I think this is going to be a really important copyright question over
the next few months, particularly in the case of realaudio or images
linked to inline, so that they are deprived of their original context.
Strictly speaking, I don't think you need permission, but it could be
argued that by placing the link you are authorising the download by a
third party. However, that same person would be authorised to make the
download if they approached it directly via the record-company's
But whatever the details of the law it is always good manners to send an
email to the webmaster of the site you are linking to, to inform them of
the link. Maybe they will link back to your site. The best way to keep
the lawyers at bay is to use consideration and courtesy.

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