BL - Elsevier agreement

Subject: BL - Elsevier agreement
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: to 13 helmi† 1997 - 02:21:56 EET

Dear list members,

I have just received a press release in which the British Library
announces that they have agreed with Elsevier Science to cooperate on
the use of electronic texts.

The agreement will allow the British Library to incorporate bibliographic
data of over 1200 journals produced by Elsevier Science directly into the
Library's current awareness products and, on an experimental basis, to
use the electronic full text of some of these journals as a source for
document delivery requests.

The bibliographic information will be made available on the same day as
the journals are received in the British Library through the Library's
inside service. Customers will be able to request copies of these
articles and, if the fax delivery option is chosen, have them delivered
within two hours - or faster if the titles are held in electronic format.

All copies will continue to be delivered in paper format or by fax
methods, but not by other electronic means. The British Library will pay
copyright fees directly to Elsevier Science.

Frans Visscher, Director of Elesevier Science, commenting on the
agreement, said "We are pleased to test the use of publisher-provided
electronic files as a source of article copies. Key to our participation
has been the willingness of the British Library not only to act
responsibly in purchasing the underlying paper and electronic
subscriptions, but also to provide some compensation for the provision
of statutory copies."
Over the next two years the present agreement will be reviewed and
further developed.

Further information can be obtained from the British Library Press at

Kind regards,
Emanuella Giavarra

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