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Dear colleagues,

The following message was originally sent to
all members of the DIGLIB discussion list of
IFLA. I forward it to EBLIDA-list as well as to
ECUP-list, because I think it might be of interest
for both discussion groups.

Kind regards,

Christoph Albers

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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 15:54:24 -0500
Reply-to: Digital Libraries Research mailing list
From: Terry Kuny <Terry.Kuny@xist.com>
Subject: IFLA Report on the WIPO Diplomatic Conference,
               2-20th December 1996.
To: Multiple recipients of list DIGLIB <DIGLIB@INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA>

Sandy Norman, IFLA Copyright Adviser has prepared
a "Report of the WIPO Diplomatic Conference,
2-20th December 1996."

IFLA, as an NGO, had been invited to the conference
with observer status.

URL: http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/ifla/V/press/pr970122.htm

Contact Sandy Norman <SANDY@la-hq.org.uk> or IFLA Headquarters
<ifla.hq@ifla.nl> for further details.

Appendix 1 of this document is not available at this time.

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