Interoperable Electronic Copyright management Systems

Subject: Interoperable Electronic Copyright management Systems
From: Sarah Keates ( )
Date: ke 08 tammi  1997 - 17:18:02 EET

          Inter-operable Electronic Copyright Management Systems
          Friday 21 - Saturday 22 March 1997
          Florence, Italy
          The future of IPR management in networks is currently both under
          discussion and under development. In Europe and the United
          States, as well as in Japan and the rest of the world, project
          groups and technology vendors is busy discussing, developing and
          refining systems for managing copyright transactions.
          Unfortunately, this vast amount of activity is largely
          uncoordinated, with vendors and project groups individually
          promoting systems that may conflict which will not be in the
          interests of either right holders or consumers. Specifically,
          right holders could find themselves dependent on technology
          vendors and network operators offering non-interoperable systems
          for the dissemination of copyright material. For the users, a
          multiplicity of black boxes and associated hard and software to
          access systems running non-interoperable copyright management
          systems would be an unreasonable expense.
          It is therefore proposed, by the COPEARMS, EVA, IESERV and
          IMPRIMATUR projects, that a major event be held on March 21 and
          22, 1997 to address this problem. The present proposal is for an
          event* with two different components.
          WHO SHOULD COME?
          These meetings will be valuable to anyone interested in the
          technical or operational aspects of electronic copyright
          management systems should apply to come to these meetings. In
          particular, technology developers, ECMS project partners,
          IPR-related technology vendors and of potential users of ECMS
          systems are particularly encouraged to apply for registration.
          This event is sponsored by the Information Engineering
          Programme (DGXIII) as an open concertation meeting held in
          conjunction with the IMPRIMATUR and COPEARMS Projects (DGIII).
          It is designed to be of general interest to organisations
          embarking on the development of multimedia information services
          and is intended to provide a forum for debate of key
          business issues in the emerging information society.
          Attendance is open to any interested party, not only
          participants in EC sponsored projects, but also the
          European multimedia industry in general and
          representatives from the US or Japan. The objective of the
          event is to provide a series of sessions with
          specific focus on security, access, and EC sponsored
          initiatives. Each session will be based around brief
          presentations and ase study examples followed by a panel
          discussion and questions. The whole day will be
          conducted in Plenary session to ensure attendees have an
          opportunity to gain maximum benefit from attendance.
          The provisional agenda for the day is as follows:
                     08:30 - 09:30Registration
                     09:30-10:30 PLENARY - Chairman Mr. G. Stephenson
                                  Chairs welcome:
                                  Keynote address: The importance of IPR &
                                  Case Study:
                     10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
                     11:00-12:30 PLENARY - Security
                     12:30-14:00 Lunch
                     14:30-15:45 PLENARY - Access: Copyright, Licensing
                     15:45-16:15 Coffee Break
                     16:15-17:00 PLENARY - EC Sponsored Initiatives
                     17:00 CLOSE
          This will be a by invitation only workshop. It will be for any
          group that has IPR hardware or software under development. This
          would include both participants in EC sponsored projects, the US
          and Japanese developers and commercial technology vendors, from
          Europe, the USA and Japan. The object of the workshop will be to
          discuss interoperability, to enable information exchange and
          finally to facilitate software tool trading. It is proposed that
          the meeting last an entire day, conducted through presentations
          and parallel workshops, each on specific issue (see below). The
          meeting should be conducted on a basis of some confidentiality to
          encourage developers to share information in a more liberal
          The SIG will in particular address issues related to data
          interchange between Electronic Copyright Management Systems and
          the real world. Indeed, the objective is to facilitate the access
          of the user of ECMS to different services in an open environment,
          while preserving security.
          The following issues will be dealt with:
          * Interoperability between ECMSs developed independently from
          each other on the basis of specific business models which trade
          off security level against cost
          * A standard format for describing electronic contracts. Such a
          format would form a common ground of clauses of electronic
          contracts and be valuable for any ECMS
          * The need for gateways for exchanging data with external payment
          services (e.g. e-cash) and with TTP servers (proofs of
          transaction, directory of names, management of public encrypting
          keys). To discuss this issue, organisations concerned with
          Standard for Electronic Transactions - SET - should be involved
          such as banks, credit cards companies, manufacturers of smart
          cards. Gateways should give access to existing or foreseeable
          services such as certification infrastructures.
          * A standard classification and codification of data tattooing
          techniques to be processed by an ECMS (recognition of watermarks,
          recognition of labels, computation of digital signatures, etc.).
          This would interest many vendors as a lot of products are coming
          to the market.
          The SIG agenda is as follows:
          8.30-9.30 Registration
          9.30-10.00 Plenary session with a keynote speaker on the
          interoperability topic
          10.00-10.30 Coffee break
          10.30-12.30 Parallel sessions
                - Interoperability between ECMS
                - Standard format for electronic contracts
                - Need for gateways with services and TTP
                - Standard classification of data tattooing techniques
          12.30-14.00 Lunch
          14.30-15.30 Parallel sessions (continued)
          15.30-16.00 Coffee break
          16.00-16.50 Plenary session: reports from parallel sessions
          17.00-17.30 Plenary session: conclusion of the SIG and public
          presentation of EVA EC supported projects
          Both Days - 125 ECUs (160 US Dollars)
          Day 1 only - 80 ECUs (110 US Dollars)
          Day 2 only - 60 ECUs (80 US Dollars)
          Both Days - 65 ECUs (85 US Dollars)
          Day 1 only - 40 ECUs ( 50 Dollars)
          Day 2 only - 30 ECUs (40 US Dollars)
          (Conversion date for ECU to National Currencies - January 1 1997)
           as for cultural and educational institutions
          Registrations forms should be sent to:
          Vasari Enterprises Ltd.
          Alexander House
          50 Station Road
          Aldershot GU11 1BG
          Phone : 44 1252 350780
          Fax : 44 1252 342039
          Title ____________________________________________________
          Surname ____________________First Name __________________
          Name ____________________________________________________
          Organisation _____________________________________________
          Job Title __________________________________________________
          Address __________________________________________________
          Post Code _______________________ Country _________________
          Phone ____________________________________________________
          Fax ______________________________________________________
          Email ____________________________________________________
          Principal activity of your organisation (Please tick one)
          Commercial/Government ______________
          Cultural/Educational __________________
          N.B. Payments must be made in full and received by 14th March
          Type of Registration (Ordinary or Discount) ___________________
          Both Days _________________
          Day One Only _____________
          Day Two Only _____________
          Total Payable ______________
          Cheque/Bank Draft enclosed : ________________________toVASARI
          Please charge my Credit Card (delete as necessary)
          Visa/Mastercard/American Express/
          ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
          Card Holders Name _____________________________________
          Expiry Date _____________________________________
          Signature _____________________________________
          Card Bill Address if different from above
          Amount _____________________________________
          *This event forms part of EVA Florence.

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