Letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister

Subject: Letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister
Date: ti 03 joulu  1996 - 20:26:57 EET


The Norwegian Library Association, Telenor, The Norwegian Consumers' Council,
Norwegian Students' Union and Forum for Public Information have joined in sending a letter to
the Norwegian Prime Minister, Torbjorn Jagland, expressing their deep concern
about the outcome of the ongoing WIPO Conference.

As Mr. Jagland is known as a distinct advocate of a strong development of the information highway
and the necessity of building nformation networks for education and culture, the parties signing
the letter felt the need to adress the question of the possible negative consequences to
the further development of the information society that the WIPO proposals might represent.

It was pointed out to the prime minister that consensus has not been reached on a number of
important issues, such as liabilities of the different parties, exceptions from the exclusive
rights of the rightowner and the exemptions securing the public's right. It was pointed out that
a broad public debate is needed before any irreversible decisions are made, decisions that
might have unforeseen and quite damaging consequences on the direction of the development
of the information society.

Kristine Abelsnes, Norwegian Library Association

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