limitations and exceptions-American style?

Subject: limitations and exceptions-American style?
From: Kjell Nilsson (
Date: ke 27 marras 1996 - 18:01:44 EET

Dear subscribers,

If the moves for deferral are rejected, and WIPO CRNR/DC/4, hopefully
modified, is taken in Geneva, there is still a life after Christmas.

For European librarians, it seems the battle is transferred to the European
arena. The European Commission has already announced the issuing of a
directive on copyright, supplementing and specifying what is laid down in
the WIPO protocol, dealing i.a. with limitations and exceptions.

Of course, it is tremendously important to influence the wording of this
directive, and a meeting between EBLIDA representatives and EC/DG XV last
Monday definitely gave some hopes in that respect. However, in the
Information Society information is the prime commodity, and the United
States is the prime information producer, so it is only natural that the
U.S. will do anything in their power to prevent Europe from adopting more
"liberal" exceptions to copyright than they are ready to accept back home.
Obviously we do not know what the exceptions and limitations will be in the
U.S. The conclusions are nevertheless that

1. The EU directive is not an exclusively European affair.

2. No matter what the Commissions says, until we are safe we should not
relax about the exceptions. What you see is what you get.

3. We should keep a close watch on what is happening in the US, and a close
contact with our American colleagues.

Kjell Nilsson
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