RE: WIPO documents and position papers

Subject: RE: WIPO documents and position papers
From: Eloy Rodrigues (
Date: to 14 marras 1996 - 12:12:57 EET

I'm very sorry but I've made a mistake in the URL from the BAD page. The
correct adress is:

Eloy Rodrigues
Serviços de Documentação
da Universidade do Minho
Campus de Azurém, 4800 Guimarães
Tel. 351 (0)53 510119; Fax 351 (0)53 514400

>Th Portuguese Association of Librarians Archivists and Documentalists
>(BAD) has created a page (in portuguese) with information about the
>December Conference, links to the WIPO documents, and to papers and
>documents from other organizations (like DFC, Ad Hoc Alliance, EBLIDA,
>etc) about the Conference and WIPO propposals. The URL is


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