WIPO proposals

Subject: WIPO proposals
Date: to 25 heinš† 1996 - 19:31:32 EEST

 I have examined these proposals and have the following comments.

 The EC proposal that the existing treaty language in Art 9 not be modified
 does not harm the user community as it will still allow exceptions under
 national laws. Article 9(2) presumably stays. The fact that permanent and
 temporary storage should constitute an act of reproduction is more
 worrying. As Emanuella says, this would affect the sending of faxes and
 downloading before printing etc. However, I have been re-reading Seth
 Greenstein's personal notes of the WIPO meeting in May. According to
 Seth, the EC clarified their position by saying that, although temporary
 storage was an act of reproduction, their proposal did not necessarily
 require that it be SUBJECT to the right of reproduction. The exceptions of
 Art 9(2) would continue to apply. What we have to do is to make sure our
 national governments are aware of the practical implications.

 PS. Seth's report was posted on the cni-copyright list last May. It's a
 better read than the official WIPO report.


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