Theodor di Ricco

Berlin, Germany

artist, curator



Theodor di Ricco

i chi you be so to you do working in a coal mine going down down how long will this go on? heavy p.m.s. pretty much the same like a dog returning to eat it’s own vomit, i see you again excuse me squeeze me hello homo sunshine feeling? zufrieden? i am so tired müde change clean up the shit tired of waiting wanting love it, now freedom reines essen klares wasser saubere luft ein dach über meinem kopf recht zu lernen wertvolle aktivitäten recht zu lieben the lies of the white supremist fuck org. religion. fuck the media fuck politics fuck the militante nichtraucher albern silly five seconds to decide problem or solution vote for me i will set you free I am the new age heil peace k.z.e.v. kurzzeitiger erinnerungsverlust what time is it? wie wischt ihr euch eure ärsche ab? 1x2x3x? set you on fire burn, baby burn gelb yellow jeuen aliens message gift present mother earth control the overpopulation plant a garden to pee on laßt ihn wachsen here kitty, kitty, kitty pussy farm delux coming soon i am my own culture du bist deine eigene kultur viva las vegas

Theodor di Ricco, 2001