Boris Nieslony

Cologne, Germany

artist, curator



Boris Nieslony


Mostly Friday, I want to celebrate MA, of course, I like to do it Friday. Today is Monday and Monday, I can't to do it. Allways Monday I want to do: You Should Have It But You Don't Get It. This idea, I got from my mother in her best time of Alzheimer. This piece is really good for Monday. Thursday is the day to be involved in the piece: Don't Press My Suicide Button, but the water was to slidly and so red of blood, also I don't found the possibilities to span a rope, I was thinking about to do MA on Thursday and change it with my piece on this day. So I do my Thursday-Piece on Friday and my Friday-Piece on Thursday. Of course, don't forget, all 4 years I have the possibility to call the Thursday-Piece: Don't Press my Suicide Bottom, Haha, thats really near to MA. But hmmm and what I should do on Wednesday? Koans - Daily Life Plots Wednesday, thats the best day in the week, I don't know, I have some days before or behind me, a really: Daily Life Plot. Since some years, I want to change my Wednesday-Piece with Sunday, but Sunday I have to do the piece: I Have Seen An Angel - I love this piece - and this piece, really, I can't change with Wednesday but Saturday, yes Saturday, on this day, I should be really serious, Saturday, never I know what I have to do. In this case mostly I was invited and the people are so impressed about my performance without concepts, it is the BLACK MARKET DAY. Tuesday, all times Tuesday, I must fight for the fee. Horrible.

Boris Nieslony, 2001

Boris Nieslony