Lost Weight

London, UK


Thursday 20th September



Jukka Vallisto leads the Lost Weight project. As a collective, Lost Weight have released experimental dance music. In its live form however, Lost Weight expands into fields like generative music, long form music and musique concrète.

When it comes to the form of the music/ sound, the aim is to question dualisms like organised sound/ unorganised sound; field recording/ recording of a specific performance; improvisation/ rehearsed performance, and map the space between them.

However, Vallisto is reluctant to elaborate on the content of the work, since he hopes it will emerge without explanations. For him, the form is to experiment with, and the content is a manifestation of the principles that inform the work.

Outside Lost Weight, Vallisto does sound and music for short films, installations and multimedia pieces, as well as other music.

Live, Lost Weight is accompanied by Jaana Pirskanen's visual work. In the Human Form video, movement of the human body is abstracted, so that the emphasis moves from the physical body to the emotional level. When the visual impulse, the moving image, is distanced from the physical, it is easier for the viewer to reach the intended level: the relationship(s) between body and mind, body memory and emotions residing in it. On the other hand, the origin of the movement is still recognisable. The viewer is distanced, but not alienated from it. In its rhythms and atmosphere Human Form is a visual poem.

In Scape, the distancing method is applied to material plundered from nature programs, with a more playful approach resembling club visuals. The footage is processed with both analogue and digital techniques, resulting in a piece that poses the question: "Why do humans need to perceive nature as aesthetic?"

Pirskanen works with contemporary dance, physical theatre/ performance art, and video.