Jessica Buege

New York, USA


Thursday 20th September


Jessica Buege

Jessica Buege creates performance/installations that challenge viewer's empathetic connection to the artist's body. Buege's conceptual foundation is in contemporary theory and philosophy, although, she is greatly influenced by literature and religion. Buege's performances and installations are directed by the architectural logic of a site, as she attemps to create formal predicaments to work her way out of. The artist is more overpoweringly propelled, however, by a visceral psychological need to escape the persona she embodies in the moments of performance.

Buege is concerned with object history, the initial installation challenges the viewers to speculate as to the potential relationship that the objects will have to the artist's body, through this they discover their own physical relationship to the objects. In performance the suspicions of the viewers are confirmed, expanded or destroyed to make room for the reality of the action at hand. Left as remnant the often destroyed or dispersed objects are reinterpreted by viewers who have been witness to the entire history as well as being discovered by those who are new to the work.