Helsinki, Finland





Baumgartner, Aho, Rannikko

BAR is group of three artists, Björn Aho, Stig Baumgartner, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko. Members of the group have their background on scene of visual arts: painting, sculpture, video art and installation. They have earlier made also performances in various compositions.

The aim of BAR is to find a new language by mixing elements from performance, theatre and fine arts. BAR's works are based on real perceptions and concrete events. Group is three individual artists working in interaction without separate director. Typical to BAR's working process is absolutism and strict inner discipline. BAR works together as a group, but at the same time it gives opportunity to its members to keep their individual points of views. Because of that the works of BAR have personal and significant visual appearance.

The works of BAR divide to long lasting performances and installation based works. The long performance works, like Brother, concentrate on performer's presence and have elements like simple choreographies and improvisation. The installation based works, like Method, performing gives the motive for the work. Group members activate the installation with speech, painting, sculpting and movements. Documentation of the acts is essential part of the exhibited installation.