Jorma Mantyla's DX QSL page

My current receiver is Icom IC-R8500.  My antennas are: one 130 meter long-wire on AM directed towards west, 2 x 8 element stacked yagi antennas + one 4 element yagi antenna on VHF/FM.  All are horizontally beamed.

During recent years I have been mostly active on VHF/FM.  My special interest has been listening to long-distance radio stations on FM.

For this purpose good antennas are needed.  Since 2001 an 8 element yagi + one 4 element yagi were used on a 12 meter tower.  The 8 element antenna was horizontally beamed while the 4 element yagi was vertical.

This antenna system was used until 2005 when I decided to add new antennas.  It was also noted that after four years signal strenghts had become weaker because of corrosion of coaxial cables and connectors. 

Here we are building antennas with Petri Mattila.

Petri Mattila is connecting coaxial cables from two 8 element yagis to the stacking combiner.

Antennas are balanced on the top of the 12 meter aluminium tower.

Here is the final solution: the tower erected with two stacked 8 element yagis and one 4 element yagi on the roof of my house.

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