1. Executive Summary

1.1. The Roundtable

1.2. Context and timing

The context and timing of the roundtable is described with reference to:

1.3. Findings

The roundtable's findings can be summarized as follows:
  1. 1 Authors organisations and the library community tend to look very differently at new legislation on copyright in the digital environment.
  2. 2 Yet there is consensus on the need to defend a) the rights of the author as defined by the Berne Convention, and b) the public library as an institution of democratic society. There is also agreement on the need for increased contact and cooperation between authors, librarians and concerned citizens on the information society issues. The roundtable should continue and/or other similar meetings be organised.
  3. 3 The definitions of 'author' and 'rightholder' in the EU Directive, and especially the frequent use of the phrase 'authors and rightholders', which blurs the important distinction between the two, are vague enough to allow the worst possible scenario to happen: a) the author looses his right to the rightholder;  b) the rightholders i.e. corporations own all information and sell it  to the public by the bit and/or the minute.

1.4. Website

See http://www.kaapeli.fi/saveaccess