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KAIKKI PELISSÄ - edunvalvonta rajattomassa maailmassa

The book project initiated by the Trade Union for the Municipal Sector - KTV in December 1999.

Published in print book on 25 October 2000 and on the world wide web on 29 November 2000.

Planned by Heikki Kehälinna, Jarkko Eloranta and Juhani Artto.

Written by Juhani Artto; the chapters on Justice for the Developing Countries and Opinion Formers were written by Juhani Artto together with Heikki Kehälinna and Jarkko Eloranta.

Illustrations by Rami Niemi.

Book and web design by Joonas Juutilainen.

Printed by Öhrling Printing press, Tampere, Finland.

ISBN: 952-9668-24-4

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- Safeguarding Interests in a World Without Frontiers

Published on the world wide web on 4 March 2001.

English language translation by Juhani Artto, Linus Atarah, Sinikka Sajama and Raili Seppänen, revised by Daryl Taylor, TK-Teknokieli, Vantaa.


Planned and written by Juhani Artto.

Published on the world wide web as of 9 November 2000.

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