ECUP: EBLIDA workshop on information licences

Subject: ECUP: EBLIDA workshop on information licences
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Date: ke 13 kesä   2001 - 21:05:27 EEST

Workshop announcement
"Creating access to information. EBLIDA workshop on the
acquisition and usage of electronic resources".
28 September 2001, The Hague, The Netherlands.
This workshop is intended for librarians and other staff engaged in
reviewing and negotiating licences for electronic resources with
information providers on behalf of the library, the institution as a
whole or a consortium.
The one-day workshop will help you to understand the terms of a
licence and will provide strategies on how to negotiate effectively
with publishers.
Topics will include:
-a clause-by-clause analysis of existing licence agreements;
-the nature of the contract process and how it relates to copyright
the importance of having a licensing checklist;
tips for negotiating strategies;
examples of successful European library purchasing consortia.

For more information and an online registration form, go to:
Places are limited!

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