Re: AW: Boselli's report - compromise text, amendments1-9

Subject: Re: AW: Boselli's report - compromise text, amendments1-9
From: Teresa Hackett (
Date: ke 31 tammi  2001 - 19:01:04 EET

Dear Ms Jantz-Kurzer,

There is no password, you just haven't copied the whole address
(you must copy to .htm). Because the address is so long, it is
wrapped around by the email program, there is nothing we can do
about this. Alternatively, you can go to the Parliament Website and
navigate to the documents.

Teresa Hackett
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Dear Ms. Morlon,
we have no password for this URL. Can you help?
Elke Jantz-Kurzer
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Betreff: Boselli's report - compromise text, amendments1-9

Dear members,

While the Legal Affairs Parliamentary Committee is considering the
amendments to Boselli's report, have a look at the following URL (no spaces
at all, just in case!), for your information:


The compromise amendments appear, in all official languages, under Item 9 of
the agenda (29 January 2001);

Document no PE298.368/AMC - Amends de compromis 1-9



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