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Subject: Italy implements EU Directive on legal protection of databases
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(From LABnews)

Italian Government recently implemented European Community Directive
9/96 on the legal protection of databases. Under the terms of the
related Italian decree, published in the Official Gazette on 15 June
protection is extended to databases which both constitute an authorís
intellectual work and are covered by copyright. The same protection
applies for databases generated as a result of investments in order to
prevent extraction and/or re-utilisation of their contents. In this
latter case, Italian Law recognises a "sui generis right" to the author,
the purpose being to limit extraction or re-utilisation of the contents
of such databases. The decree also introduces new provisions covering
the contents of Directive 9/96, for example the extension to the
database sector of principles applied in computer software programmes.
As a result, the employer now withholds all rights over the activity of
the employee in the event that the database is a natural result of
professional duties or if such activity has been performed under the
direct orders of the employee.

The Italian version of the Decree can be consulted at

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