Amended E-commerce Directive

Subject: Amended E-commerce Directive
From: Barbara Schleihagen (
Date: ke 01 syys   1999 - 13:22:01 EEST

An amended proposal for a Directive to establish a coherent legal framework
for electronic commerce within the Single Market has been put forward by
the European Commission.

The amended proposal takes into account the opinion from the European
Parliament, adopted on the 6 May 1999, on the Commission's original
proposal. A number of clarifications have been introduced in the amended
proposal concerning among others the rules on opting out from unsolicited
electronic mail advertising and on on-line contracts, the applicability of
existing Directives on consumer protection and protection of personal data
and definitions of the services covered by the Directive and of consumers.
However, the Commission has not amended the proposed rules exempting from
liability on-line service providers who act as intermediaries.

The amended proposal for a Directive will be forwarded to the European
Parliament and the EU's Council of Ministers for adoption under the
co-decision procedure.

The full text of the amended proposal can be downloaded from:

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