demo version: audio digital watermarking

Subject: demo version: audio digital watermarking
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Declaration of Blue Spike: Do it Right
July Fourth 1999

Who should secure your copyrights?
a) xyz corporation
b) the folks in washington
c) YOU

Blue Spike, Inc. has worked extensively to ensure that its powerful,
patented Giovanni® suite of media security technologies is made available
to all. Four years of debates, tests, and initiatives resoundingly
conclude that copyright protection is an invaluable element for
dramatically expanding the business of music. We strongly believe security
must not be shrouded in secrecy.

The most misunderstood scenario for the music industry at this time is the
potential for adoption of technologies which do not meet expectations. We
feel we are at an important crossroads where the tools are readily
available; however, hype dominates too many discussions. We intend to
ensure that artists and consumers alike are satisfied with the many new
developments in music: security will not obscure the contributions of the

Blue Spike has been at the forefront of industry-based tests (such as the
MUSE Embedded Signaling Tests, and various tests by performance rights
organizations including ASCAP and BMI) and the need for a “provably secure
digital watermarking solution”. We have worked closely and in confidence
with many of the largest major labels, world-renowned studios, famous
artists, engineers and academics. Our work is well-documented and readily
available for scrutiny. With strong roots in cryptographic and signal
processing research, US and international patents and pending applications,
our leading edge development is by far the most advanced in the field of
digital watermarking today.

We commend the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and its
Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) as well as the contributions of the
MP3 community in making this a truly revolutionary time for the music
industry. We also look forward to making all of our products
SDMI-compliant while offering fair and reasonable licensing for our own
contributions to this exciting area.

In this vain, we proudly introduce FREE demo version 2.0 of Giovanni Audio
Digital Watermarking, consistent with all industry tests in which we have
participated . Our end-to-end music copyright system, which is based
entirely on proprietary security technology has also been released, under
license. Reference specifications for DSPs and libraries are also now
available, under license. New versions of our popular still image and
video digital watermarking tools are being readied for release. Of course,
our unique Scrambling technologies are also gaining currency.

Talk to us.

Scott Moskowitz
Founder, Blue Spike, Inc.
Didya Use Protection™

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