graduation thesis on Copyright

Subject: graduation thesis on Copyright
From: Stefania De Leo (
Date: ma 15 maalis 1999 - 22:03:51 EET

I'm Stefania De Leo, an Italian student at the University of Venice.
I'm writing a graduation thesis on "Copyright on the Internet" (concerning
the legal aspect of Intellectual Property put on the web -in particular
written works-) and I'm trying to analyse the new features of this subject
in different countries (EU, USA, Italy). See the DMCA in the USA, and the
new draft EU Directive on Copyright and related rights in the Information
I'd like to receive the most useful information to write my thesis (papers,
abstracts, contacts, e-mails addresses,…).
Thank You very much in advance
Kind Regards,

Stefania De Leo
Via Castello d'Amore, 50

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