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Date: to 18 helmi  1999 - 09:21:45 EET

Fred Friend wrote:
> Dear Marco,
> Thank you for your message. My advice would be that the
> South African changes to copyright law are NOT a good example for libraries
> in Italy to follow, and I suspect that the South African librarians would
> agree with that. I understand that they have quite a fight on their hands
> to protect the interests of library users. Within Europe you will find a
> good example of agreement between publishers and librarians for UK
> academic libraries in the Fair Dealing and Model Licence agreements between
> JISC and the Publishers' Association. If you start with the JISC Web site
>, you will find information on the discussions between JISC
> and the PA and that will lead you to the text of the relevant documents.
> The main problem we have in Europe, as you may be aware, is with the draft
> Copyright Directive from the European Commission, which is against the
> interests of library users and which threatens to undermine any good
> agreements we can achieve within our own countries.
> Fred Friend
I don't think the draft directive threatens to undermine the good
agreements made by the PA and JISC at all: quite the reverse. It
positively encourages agreements rather than statutory exemptions, and
as the PA/JISC process demonstrates, agreements are both more flexible
than statutory exemptions and can be more finely tuned to the particular
requirements of the sector. A bigger problem than the draft directive is
competition law generally; the PA/JISC process would probably have been
unlawful in the US.

Edward Barrow

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