Copyright Issues

Subject: Copyright Issues
From: Claire Jones (
Date: ti 10 marras 1998 - 18:25:50 EET

Dear List Members,

For those of you interested in the subject of copyright issues in relation
to electronic publishing there is currently an ongoing online discussion on
the subject that has prompted some of the following responses:

"... prosecute copyright infringers fully and mercilessly!"

"Would it be financially feasible to prosecute copyright breaches from
country to country?"

"I daren't consider the cost of having to take everyone to court."

"... an erosion of the publisher's role as copyright guardians over time

"If they wanna sue you, apologise nicely!"

If you would like to read the comments in full and/or contribute your own
ideas please access the Internet Free-Press web site at and follow the link to 'Talkback'. Postings
on this particular topic can be found under the subject heading 'Copyright
Issues' though there are many more topics to choose from.

Claire Jones
Internet Free-Press

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