RE: US Copyright Bills Pass Congress

Subject: RE: US Copyright Bills Pass Congress
From: Dempsey, David - DC (
Date: to 15 loka   1998 - 20:18:09 EEST

Go to: <> for the statute and the legislative history
from the Congressional Record.
Other places: <>, <>.
When in doubt for anything in the US, try: <> and put in the
phrase, etc. or try <> for the same. Both are excellent
and both cover legal materials.
Good luck.
Meanwhile, why didn't the UK sign up for the Euro? I'm writing a paper
on the Euro and would like to find a source that explains why and the
effect on contracts.
Also, we have much copyright experience here, particularly in the
computer field.
David Dempsey

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> Does anyone know where the text of passed Bills can be found on the
> internet? Especially HR2281 the 'Digital Millenium Copyright Act'?
> Many thanks
> Anthony Roediger
> Oxford University

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