From Information to Intelligence:EUSIDIC Conference Vienna, 11-14 October. Final Reminer

Subject: From Information to Intelligence:EUSIDIC Conference Vienna, 11-14 October. Final Reminer
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Date: su 27 syys   1998 - 19:53:42 EEST

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A few places are still available for this conference in Vienna from October 11-14, If you are interested fax or e-mail a completed registration form to EUSIDIC Secretariat at the address below.

EUSIDIC Annual Conference

Park Hotel Schoenbrunn, Vienna. 11-14 October 1998

From Information to Intelligence

Eusidic is the largest association representing the widest range of participants in the electronic information sector. It is the leading European forum for the provision of information, and the exchange of experience, opinion and advice, amongst organisations active in the production, distribution and use of information services.


Sunday 11 October

Registration until 12.00-18.30

Afternoon see Vienna and meet other delegates an optional sightseeing tour will be available.

Evening at a Wine Garden for Austrian wine and food. Courtesy of the European Patent Office

Monday 12 October :Session A: Technology:

A overview of the technology available, and to discuss applications within the provision and use of information (explaining the state of the art, setting expectations - removing the hype)

Overview presentation: how technology will shape the provision and use of information services, Lorcan Dempsey, U.K. Office for Library Networking (UKOLN)

Push technology Ralph Cochrane British Telecom

Scaling, Updating, Integrating: Profiling and Engineering Legal Information, Derek Sturdy, Sweet and Maxwell

'What you don't see is what you get': a text mining experience using SemioMap technology, Bernard Rothenburger, INRIA, France

Session B: The Users View: Managing Information in a Dynamic World

A series of "state of the art" reviews of the ways in which changing technology and other dynamics affect the provision and use of information, each presentation examining the perspective of an individual sector.

Enhancing productivity through information services: the case of a multinational corporation, Dr Wolfgang Gerhartz, Degussa AG

Managing and sifting relevant legal information, Suzanne Warren, Haliwell Landau

Providing intelligent information in a management consultancy, David Parlby KPMG

Managing information services in an academic environment, Elisabeth Boellman, Universitatsbibliothek Graz (Austria)

New challenges and new solutions: the view of an information broker, Francois Libmann, Director of FLA Consultants (France)

Reception given by the Mayor and Governor of Vienna, Vienna Town Hall

Tuesday 13 October : Session C: The publishers View: Making Data into Knowledge

How changing technology, customer expectations, the legal/contractual environment and other dynamics affect the objectives and procedures in each type of information provider.

Brave new world: publishing in the next millennium, Hugh Look, Interactive Media International

Legal publisher, Wendy Beecham, West Publishing

Primary publisher, Nicki Dennis, Applied Science & Technology Publishing Edward Arnold

New markets: providing information and intelligence to medical practitioners, Dr. Alexander Broich, General Manager, Health Online Multimedica (Bertelsmann, Burda, Springer)

Session D: The place of free information in the information economy

The role of free information, partnerships and alliances, technology constraints.

The role of the state information provider, Gerard Giroud, European Patent Office

The role of the value added supplier, B Stembridge, Derwent

Technology workshops (1)

Delegates may chose two workshops, i.e. one for Tuesday afternoon, the other for Wednesday

a) Intranets Els Maes and Jo Vandenhende, b) XML Neil Radley

c) A business model for e-commerce in intellectual property: Imprimatur, Herman van Bolhuiss

Conference Dinner, Park Hotel Schoenbrunn

Wednesday 14 October: Technology Workshops (2)

Repeat of the Technology Workshops a, b and c

Conference finishes with Lunch

Sponsors for the Eusidic Annual conference 1998 are: Austrian Airlines, Austrian Ministry of Science and Transport, Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf, British Council, City of Vienna, Silver Platter.

Austrian Airlines is the conference airline and discounted fares are available to delegates

Conference fee 450ECU members and 700ECU non-members. A special offer is available covering membership until the end of 1999 and the 1998 conference at members rate. Conference fee does not include accommodation or the sightseeing tour, a special conference rate is available at the Park Hotel Schoenbrunn.

For further information contact the Secretariat or check the Eusidic Web pages Completed Booking Form should be returned by fax or e-mail to:

EUSIDIC Secretariat, c/o Instant Library Limited, 104b St. John Street, London EC1M 4EH, U.K.
Tel +44 (0) 171 336 7098, Fax +44 (0) 171 336 7093, e-mail

EUSIDIC Annual Conference : From Information to Intelligence,

Park Hotel Schoenbrunn, Vienna. 11-14 October 1998


Job Title???????????????????????????...
Tel and Fax??????????????????????????..
E-mail ????????????????????????????..

Please delete any items below which are not applicable to you. Please complete a separate form for each delegate.

I wish to attend the Eusidic Annual Conference 1998, please invoice me at the:

Eusidic Members rate of 450ECU [NFAIS Members are also entitled to this rate]
Non Members Rate of 700ECU

I am interested in joining Eusidic and would like to take up the special offer for new members of a combined annual subscription for 1999 and the 1998 conference at members rate for 1380ECU

I would like to reserve the following accommodation at the Park Hotel Schoenbrunn, I understand that delegates will settle their own hotel bills and that delegates cancelling within three weeks of the conference will be charged for 1 night's accommodation.

Double room for single use 1,385ATS per night October 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Double room 1,990ATS per night October 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

All rooms have private bath and toilet. The special conference rates quoted above include buffet breakfast, all taxes and admission to the hotel's indoor swimming pool.

I am interested in the sightseeing tour on Sunday afternoon. This item will be invoiced separately.

Signature of Delegate Date

EUSIDIC Secretariat, c/o Instant Library Limited
104b St. John Street, London EC1 4EH, U.K.
Tel +44 (0) 171 336 7098 Fax +44 (0) 171 336 7093 e-mail

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