European conferences and seminars update

Subject: European conferences and seminars update
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: to 17 syys   1998 - 14:56:55 EEST

Dear list members,

The events list on the ECUP Web site has now been updated. It contains
an overview of interesting conferences and seminars throughout Europe.

You will find information on IST '98 - Living and Working in the
Information Society, which will take place from 30 November 1998 to
2 December 1998.

This major conference is being organised by the European Commission and
the Austrian Ministry of Science and Transport. It is the first in a
series of annual events covering the Information Society Technologies
Programme of the Fifth Framework.

You will also find information on the Fifth IMPRIMATUR Consensus Forum -
The Standards Business: Time for Change, which will be held on 3-4
November 1998 in Munich.

For more information and URL's, have a look at: under 'Events'.

Kind regards,
Emanuella Giavarra

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