Subject: Final COPEARMS SIG
From: Judy Watkins ( )
Date: ke 22 heinš† 1998 - 13:39:32 EEST

Invitation to attend the

Final COPEARMS Special Interest Group Meeting
9 September 1998, Art Hotel Siru, Brussels

COPEARMS (Co-Ordinating Project for Electronic Authors Management
Systems) is nearing the end. For the past three years members of the
consortium, all experts in IPR (intellectual property rights) related
fields, have been involved in state of the art ERMS (Electronic Rights
Management Systems) development and IPR issues. The final SIG will
focus on current activities in this dynamic area as well as looking to
the future. The SIG will also give other projects the chance to
promote their work, and give delegates the opportunity to discuss any
particular concerns with a panel of experts.

Draft Agenda:
Introduction to COPEARMS
Changing concerns in ERMS development -a users point of view
Lessons learnt from the three year COPEARMS Experience
Current Legal issues
The COPEARMS Commercial Offer
Up date on other projects
Panel Discussion

The day is free of charge (including lunch and refreshments) and is
open to anyone. The day will be of particular interest to:

∑ Hardware/Software producers ∑ Encryption agents
∑ International standards organisations concerned with IPR ∑
Producers of CD-ROM's, CDs, audio and video programme
∑ Librarians and information scientists ∑ Publishers
∑ Rights organisations ∑ Collecting societies
∑ On-line DB vendors ∑ Information providers
∑ Internet site providers ∑ Anyone connected with an electronic
information provision project

To register please complete the following and return to or fax to +44 1937 546478



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