Contracts & Copyright -IMPRIMATUR Fourth Consensus Forum

Subject: Contracts & Copyright -IMPRIMATUR Fourth Consensus Forum
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Date: ke 18 maalis 1998 - 18:04:46 EET

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The EU project IMPRIMATUR is announcing its fourth and final Consensus
Forum to take place on 2-3 July in London. The Consensus Forum is
organised in association with the Institute for Information Law,
University of Amsterdam. The title is: "Contracts & Copyright: The Legal
Framework for Future Electronic Copyright Management" Topics to be
discussed include:

"Are online licences as valid as existing ‘analogue’ contracts? Can
contractual restrictions of use override statutory copyright exemptions?
Encryption and other technical self-help measures may serve as
protective layers. Should these technologies be freely available? The
hybrid role of online intermediaries may create liabilities for third
party content. Should intermediaries receive statutory exoneration?
Electronic Copyright Management Systems could jeopardise rights of
privacy by recording online information consumption. Should data
protection laws be amended?"

Further information and a preliminary registration form can be found at:

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