IFLA new coordinator of professional activities

Subject: IFLA new coordinator of professional activities
From: Sophie Felfoldi (sophie@python.konbib.nl)
Date: pe 20 helmi  1998 - 17:05:29 EET


It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Mr
Sjoerd M.J. Koopman as IFLA's new Coordinator of Professional
Activities, commencing 1 April 1998.

Upon announcing the appointment of Mr Koopman to the Professional
Board, Sissel Nilsen, Chair of IFLA's Professional Board stated:
"I am delighted to be able to welcome Mr Koopman on behalf of
IFLA's Professional Board, and am certain that his knowledge of
the library world, overall experience, and international
connections will add a new dimension to IFLA's professional

Mr Koopman comes to IFLA from the PICA Library Automation Centre
where he has been Head of Marketing since 1995. He originally
joined PICA in 1991 as coordinator of the RAPDOC Electronic
Delivery project, before his promotion to his present position.
Undoubtedly, his extensive theoretical and empirical knowledge
of the automation, marketing and managerial
aspects of the IT sector will stand him in good stead to advise
IFLA's Professional Board and Headquarters staff on new ways in
which we can develop our professional programme to best meet the
demands of our members.

Throughout the 1980s Mr Koopman held a number of increasingly
demanding positions within the Royal Library of the Netherlands.
His skills as a manager, communicator and above all mediator were
carefully honed during this 11-year period. Starting as Reference
Librarian in Political Science (1979-1982) he graduated to
Management Assistant (1982-1988) and was eventually promoted to
the position of Assistant to the Director ad interim (1988-1989).
>From 1988-1991 he was Secretary of the Governing Board of the
Royal Library and, ultimately, Head of Policy Development at the
Royal Library from 1990 until he left to join PICA in 1991.

Mr Koopman embarked upon his challenging and varied career within
the Dutch library and information sector in 1980, having received
a number of distinguished academic awards. Following a degree
course in Business Economics at the Erasmus University of
Rotterdam he went on to read Political Science at the University
of Amsterdam. In 1979 he successfully completed a 3-year course
in Library and Information Science (OWB-B) and obtained an MA in
Political Science in 1981 from the University of Amsterdam.

A frequent attendee of IFLA's annual international conferences
and former member of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section
for Document Delivery and Interlending, Mr Koopman is already
well-versed with the aims and activities of IFLA. He is also in
the unique position of being able to view IFLA objectively from
a member's point of view and we hope that he will now translate
his "impressions" of IFLA into tangible recommendations so that
we might further improve our services to our ever-growing
worldwide membership.

Alongside his solid background in library automation, Mr Koopman
also possesses excellent linguistic skills: an essential quality
for the position of Coordinator of Professional Activities. He
has published extensively in both Dutch and English, is
proficient in French and German, and has also reached a high
conversational level in Italian and Spanish. We therefore feel
most fortunate to be able to count Mr Koopman as one of our
newest staff members and are confident that he will make a
valuable contribution to IFLA's international team. We certainly
look forward to working more closely with him in the near future
and it is our hope that he too will find his years with IFLA to
be refreshing, informative and inspiring.
Sophie Felfoldi
Office Manager

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