Future position of libraries towards copyright

Subject: Future position of libraries towards copyright
From: MARTIJN DE BLAAUW (25509@ai.fei.hva.nl)
Date: ke 10 joulu  1997 - 23:09:05 EET

Dear list members,

At first I will introduce myself to you. My name is Martijn de Blaauw
and I am a student at the Faculty of Economics & Information,
Department of Library and Information Science at the Hogeschool van

At this moment I am studying literature about the topic: The future
of the copyright position of libraries in the digital age.
I am asking you the following question: 'What will the position of
libraries towards copyright be in the future?'

These days there is a lot said and written about this topic. With the
coming of Internet, online databases and CD-ROM's the whole idea of
libraries being a provider of (free) information is changing. The
copyright problems are a big issue these days, and so it did raise a
few questions to me.

Some of the questions I would like an answer to are:
* What is the current position of libraries towards copyright?
* What kind of influence do new technologies like Internet, online
databases and CD-ROM's have on libraries and it's copyright
* What will the future hold for libraries and their position
towards copyright?

All of this is aimed at the position of libraries in Holland but
examples from any other country are also welcome!
It would be a great help to read your comment or suggestions on these
Forgive me for any misstakes in the spelling, as English isn't my
native language.
You can mail me directly or through this list.
Many thanks in advance,

Martijn de Blaauw
Student Library and Information Science
Faculty of Economics & Information
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
E-Mail: 25509@ai.fei.hva.nl

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