copyright & preservation of digital works

Subject: copyright & preservation of digital works
From: Chris Groeneveld (
Date: to 13 marras 1997 - 22:00:49 EET


*** Request for information ***

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek, national library of
the Netherlands, has commissioned the Institute
for Information Law (University of Amsterdam)
to perform a study concerning the copyright
aspects of converting digital copyrighted works
from one format to the other for conservation

The question is whether a library is, or should
be, allowed to reproduce/copy digital works to a
currently available format, if the format the work
was originally published in is outdated, or if the
work is no longer or scarcely available.

In several countries certain statutory library
exceptions are provided for by copyright law. For
example in the US and the UK libraries may
statutoryly copy works for preservation purposes.

Perhaps such exceptions are interpreted or designed
in such a way that the above mentioned conversion
is implied. If such is the case in your country
we would very much like to be notified and provided
with the official documents.

Even more we are interested in existing legislature,
or legislative initiatives, which expressly allow
libraries to convert digital works to more current
formats. Again, we would be very grateful to be
updated on such developments or laws.

Thank you very much.

Reactions to: Babiche Westerbrink or Chris Groeneveld
Babiche N. Westerbrink
Institute for Information Law
University of Amsterdam
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1012 KX Amsterdam

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Chris Groeneveld

Koninklijke Bibliotheek
The National Library of the Netherlands
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The Netherlands

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