Digital Object Identifier - an overview

Subject: Digital Object Identifier - an overview
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: ke 15 loka   1997 - 21:25:38 EEST

Dear list members,

Today the Digital Object Identifier System was presented an demonstrated
at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

More information on DOI can be found at:

The Digital Object Identifier System

DOI Participants Workshop June 19, 1997

Access to Digital Objects A Communications Law Strategy

Managing Access to Digital Information: An Approach Based on Digital
Objects and Stated Operations

An Architecture for Information in Digital Libraries

A Framework for Distributed Digital Object Services

Key Architectural Issues in The Digital Library

Tools and standards for protection, control and presentation of data

Identification - Related resources

ISO/TC 46 /SC 9 Information and documentation - Presentation,
identification and description of documents

Implementation Issues in an Open Architectural Framework for Digital
Object Services
A Design for Inter-Operable Secure Object Stores (ISOS)

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Emanuella Giavarra

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