Statutory Protection for Databases

Subject: Statutory Protection for Databases
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Date: ma 06 loka   1997 - 17:24:54 EEST

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Massant, Eric wrote:

"Statutory Protection for Databases: Economic and Public Policy Issues,"
by Drs. Laura D'Andrea Tyson and Edward F. Sherry is posted at It was sponsored
by Reed Elsevier Inc. and The Thomson Corporation.
The paper provides a strong economic rationale for legal protection from
piracy for databases produced by private entities. The authors argue
that this protection is necessary to ensure the continued availability
of the information services upon which Americans rely in both their
public and private lives. They describe how an appropriately crafted
law can meet the challenge of protecting the enormous human and
financial investments of database producers, while at the same time
ensuring that information is available to support education, scientific
progress and economic growth.
Eric Massant

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