Electronic Copyright Management Systems

Subject: Electronic Copyright Management Systems
From: emanuella giavarra (ecup.secr@dial.pipex.com)
Date: ma 29 syys   1997 - 19:30:06 EEST

> Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 15:21:12 +0100
> From: Judy.Watkins@mail.bl.uk (Judy Watkins)
> Subject: Electronic Copyright Management Systems
> To: ecup-list@kaapeli.fi
> The Imprimatur Consortium represents creators, publishers,
> producers, telecommunications companies, IT companies and users from
> Europe, the United States and Japan. There are several Consortium
> partners who are working together to devise and recommend processes
> to protect and trade all types of intellectual property. Like other
> projects, Imprimatur is examining electronic copyright management
> issues to enable the secure transmission and trading of copyright
> protected material in digital form. Imprimatur has an integrating
> role that implies co-operation with other initiatives.
> The Imprimatur acronym spells out:
> Intellectual Multimedia Property RIghts Model And Terminology for
> Universal Reference.
> We would welcome your participation in the project and there are
> various ways you can make a contribution. For more information on the
> Imprimatur Project and copyright issues see the web-site
> http://www.imprimatur.alcs.co.uk

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