European Parliament debates Copyright in September

Subject: European Parliament debates Copyright in September
From: Barbara Schleihagen (
Date: ma 04 elo    1997 - 15:21:02 EEST

Dear list-subscriber,

The European Parliament will start to debate the "Follow-up to the Green
Paper on Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society" on 2 and
3 September 1997 in two Committees.

The main rapporteur is Roberto Barzanti, as a member of the EP Committee on
Legal Affairs and Citizen's Rights. He is a member of the Group of the
Party of European Socialists and was already the rapporteur for the "Green
Paper on Copyright" (interested EBLIDA members can obtain a copy of this
report from the EBLIDA secretariat). The EP Committee on Culture, Youth,
Education and the Media will be concerned as well and will give its
opinion, here Jose Antonio Escudero Lopez has been appointed as draftsman.
He is a member of the Group of the European People's Party
(Christian-Democratic Group). The Cultural Committee will have a first
exchange of views, the Legal Committee as the main Committee will consider
the draft report and will decide on the further procedure.

EBLIDA has already sent all Members of the European Parliament who are
concerned with the issue the EBLIDA position paper on the "Follow-up to the
Green Paper", which was also published in the latest issue of "Information
Europe", EBLIDA's quarterly magazine. More activity is in preparation.

Barbara Schleihagen

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