Have librarians got a role?

Subject: Have librarians got a role?
From: Emanuella Giavarra (ecup.secr@dial.pipex.com)
Date: to 24 heinš† 1997 - 16:57:08 EEST

Dear list members,

In the IMPRIMATUR online bulletin, I came across two visions of the
library role in the digital age. The message given is that libraries
either live or die. You can participate in the voting, by sending an
email to jane.dorner@alcs.co.uk.

The scenario's given are the following:

3. Have Librarians got a role?

Tick one of these boxes and email your vote back to
We'll bring the results in the next bulletin (assuming enough people

[ ] Vision 1
[ ] Vision 2

Vision 1

Librarian skills highly prized as commercial organisation try and find
ways to fulfil the demand for customised data services. Librarian
salaries sore in the commercial sector. jobs are plentiful in the public
sector where archive material is brought on stream as digital
information. ECMS means that material can be sold if necessary and the
funding this provides can fuel the archiving in trend. Libraries adapt
and modernise.

Vision 2

Commercial vendors provide low cost information supported by advertising
revenues and as a result many of the tradition roles of the reference
library are eroded. As alternative forms of media are developed the
libraries are unable to replenish it stocks, or meet subscription cost,
and offer these in new media in sufficient quality to look anything but
outdated. There is little investment in new technology as resources are
switched to educational sector who can then make Where there is
investment this is often funded by the rights to archives, which are
often sold cheaply because there is not the skills or resources to
exploit the material in house. Libraries fail to adapt and die.

More information about the IMPRIMATUR project can be found at:

Kind regards,
Emanuella Giavarra

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