WIPO International Forum, 14-16 May, Spain

Subject: WIPO International Forum, 14-16 May, Spain
From: Barbara Schleihagen (eblida@nblc.nl )
Date: ti 18 helmi  1997 - 15:49:39 EET

Today EBLIDA received a list of selected WIPO meetings scheduled to take
place from February to October 1997, of a more general interest. It includes
the following event (the date becomes only definitive once the invitations
are issued!):

14-16 May, Sevilla, Spain
WIPO International Forum on the Exercise and Management of Copyright and
Neighboring Rights in the Face of the Challenges of Digital Technology

The International Forum - organized in cooperation with the Government of
Spain - will review the principles and practical aspects of the management
of copyright and neighboring rights, with special attention to the
management of such rights in a digital environment, particularly in the

Invitations: States members of WIPO, certain intergovernmental and
non-governmental organisations and - against payment of a registration fee -
any person.

Best wishes,
Barbara Schleihagen

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