Implementation of Directives

Subject: Implementation of Directives
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: to 31 loka   1996 - 00:10:40 EET

Dear list members,

Each year the European Commission draws a report on the
monitoring of the application of Community law in response to
requests made by the European Parliament and the Member States.
The report also meets requests from the European Council and the
Council for information on specific fields.

Concerning Copyright and related rights I found the following
information in the 1995 report:

* The Directive on lending rights and certain rights related to
copyright in the intellectual property field requires Member States to
give effect to its provisions by July 1994. However, Ireland,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK have yet to
incorporate it into their national law. Consequently, the Commission
has commenced infringement proceedings against all five States.

* The deadline for transposing the Directive on satellite broadcasting
and cable re-transmission expired on 1 January 1995. Only Belgium,
Denmark, Spain, Finland and Sweden have adopted the requisite
measures. The Commission has sent Article 169 letters to the other
Member States.

* The Directive on the term of protection of copyright and certain
related rights, requires the Member States to give effect to its
provisions by 1 July 1995. Implementing measures have been
adopted in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Greece, Ireland,
Finland and Sweden. The Commission has taken appropriate action
against the other Member States.

Kind regards,
Emanuella Giavarra

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