Re: The role of subscription agents

Subject: Re: The role of subscription agents
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: ti 16 heinš† 1996 - 13:05:42 EEST

Jamie Wodetzki wrote:
> > If the subscription agents took a more active role in licence
> > administration, they would be in a position to suggest simplifications to
> > those licences and eventually, to move all publishers towards a standard
> > form agreement (as much as this is possible). At least then libraries
> > would have a chance of knowing what the T+C of use actually say. Only
> > then can the publishers hope to have the licence conditions followed.
>Chris Rusbridge wrote:
> I agree strongly with this. My 'nightmare' scenario for libraries 10+
> years hence is millions of electronic objects governed by thousands of
> licences, all slightly different.
> Part of the problem is anti-cartel legislation. The PA or a related group
> here in the UK apparently produced a model contract, but the legal advice
> was that it was OK to advertise to their members as long as everyone
> changed it! However, licences negotiated by intermediaries like
> subscription agents, or CHEST (Combined Higher Education Software
Team in
> the UK, which has negotiated many standard licence deals) might get round
> this problem.

What role will be left for the reproduction rights organisations or other
collecting societies?

Emanuella Giavarra

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