Coalition for Public Information

Subject: Coalition for Public Information
From: Emanuella Giavarra (
Date: ma 15 heinä  1996 - 12:32:38 EEST

Dear ecup-list subscribers,

You may be aware of a proposal, emanating from the Institute of
Information Scientists, for a UK Coalition for Public Information.
This Coalition, it is suggested, will provide a forum where members
of the information user community can participate directly in public
policy discussions about technical, economic and social questions
arising from the use of information from the new electronic
communication and information delivery technologies. It plans to
develop policy papers reflecting the views presented by the
information user community on these topics and support members of
the information user community in providing advice to government
and regulatory agencies, including the European Commission, on
these matters. The proposed Coalition would have a limited lifetime
and would phase itself out as soon as its objectives had been

Are similar initiatives being developed in other countries? Apart from
this initiative I am only aware of the Digital Future Coalition in the

Best wishes,
Emanuella Giavarra

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