fair use versus new technologies

Subject: fair use versus new technologies
From: Emanuella Giavarra (ecup.secr@dial.pipex.com)
Date: ti 04 kesä   1996 - 01:36:40 EEST

Conferences on the boundaries of the "fair use" concept in the
electronic environment are being organized at this moment in the
USA. Does anybody know about the outcomes of these
conferences or know about these conferences?

Although in Europe we are not familiar with this concept of law,
except for the UK were a similar concept exists under the name "fair
dealing", I believe that it is a good thing if the ECUP Steering Group
(EBLIDA) would follow what is going on in the USA.

I have difficulties understanding that the electronic environment
changes the library privileges. Why should an improvement in
technology lead to frustration of existing rights, like the copying for
private use or for educational and research purposes. I would like to
know from the subscribers to this list what their views are on this
subject. How should the library privileges, the so called "user rights"
be treated in the electronic environment?

Johanna van Waardenburg
Open University Rotterdam

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